What Are Long-tail Keyword or Long-tail Phrase?

Long-tail keywords are search phrases that contain three or more words. Most searches are done via mobile devices and contain a search phrase and not just one keyword.

How to Implement Long-tail Search Phrases When Conducting Search Engine Optimization

The first step is to figure some of the top long-tail search phrases. Head over to google and enter the main keyword that you want to target. Google will usually give you some examples of related searches that contain long-tail keywords. This is a very good starting point.

In this example we searched for “miami real estate.” Google then provides three other search phrases that is a good starting point for your custom blog content or even content for your main pages.

Benefits of Long-tail Search Phrases or Long-Tail Keywords

The biggest and most important benefit is lower keyword competition! As we mention previously, long-tail keywords usually have lower competition than a keyword with only one word.

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