Facebook Advertising is a great was to get in front of potential customers with the right message. Here are some tips we have learned while doing Facebook Advertising Campaigns that will save you money while getting better results.

Facebook Power Editor

Don’t click the boost button at the bottom of your post! The boost button at the bottom of the post severely limits your ad options. Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool designed for larger advertisers who want to create, edit and publish multiple ads at once and have precise control of their campaigns. Other than being quick, and easy the regular boost button doesn’t have any other benefits.

Avoid Text-Heavy Images

Images that are text heavy will cost you more than images with little or no text. Use Facebook’s Image Text Check Tool to get the optimal amount of text in the image. At times, it helps to reduce the text font, so the percentage of text is less. You can use the Facebook Image Test Website by visiting https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay

Adjust the Targeted Demographic

In the following example you can see that males age 25-41 cost .41 per result while females in the same age group only cost .25 per result. If you have a limited ad budget, and your business targets both males and females, then it may make sense to limit the ads that are shown to males. The key is to understand your target audience!

Ad Placement

Monitoring the Cost Per Result or Conversions on each placement will also help you get the most out of your Facebook advertising. If your ads are preforming better on a certain types of devices than others then it may be wise to drop the underperforming devices. For example, if the costs are higher on desktops compared to mobile devices then it may be a good idea to drop the desktop ads. Facebook provides all the information you need to monitor ad placement costs.

Test! Test! Test!

Create multiple ad variations with different copy, images, and headlines. You should monitor your ad campaign daily, and stop the ad variations that have a higher Cost Per Conversion. You will need to have the Facebook Pixel installed to monitor conversions. An alternative to using the Facebook Pixel, is to use the Cost Per Result that Facebook provides. Either way it’s important to test your ads.