WordPress version 4.8 includes many new features that will help those without coding knowledge edit their website. The following is a quick overview of the new features.

Improved Visual Text Editor
The visual editor is now more user-friendly and hassle-free. The improved editor has TinyMCE features that improved the visual editor.

Easier to add Links
The new editor makes it much easier to add links. Clicking on the hyperlinked text area expands the space in preceding the text.

Audio Widget The update includes an audio widget.

Accessibility on the Admin Screen
Headings on the admin screen are now well organized.

Some themes will require updating to make them compatible with the latest WordPress update. As always, it is recommended that you create a backup of your theme and database before attempting a WordPress update.

Here is a great blog post explaining why it is very important to keep your WordPress installation updated.

Why Should I Keep WordPress Updates

Security is arguably the most important reason why you should keep your WordPress website up to date.

WordPress currently powers 23% of all websites in the world. Due to it’s immense popularity, WordPress is a popular target for hackers, malicious code distributors, data thieves, and wanna be hackers.