In Jonathon Clark’s Medium article titled “Understanding the Psychology of Choice Can Rock Your Marketing”, he touches on the subject on bounce rates, and how they may be tied to unclear, cluttered, or too much information.

“Sites with a high bounce rate (when a visitor leaves a site without clicking any links), can usually be traced back to either unclear, cluttered, or too much information.”

I’ve personally seen business owners make the mistake of adding too much information on one page or adding complex information that the visitor does not understand. Don’t leave it up to the visitor to navigate a complex page.

You need to direct the user to the choice you want them to make. Do you want the visitors’ email address, make a purchase or view another page? Make it easy for the visitor by having an uncluttered page with just the right amount of information.

We are a big proponent of clean east to navigate websites because in our experience those types of websites convert a higher percentage of visitors.