What Is Facebook Organic Reach?

Organic reach on Facebook refers to how many people view your posts for free.

What is Facebook Paid Reach?

Paid reach refers to many people you are paying Facebook to see your posts.

Why is Organic Reach Declining?

One reason organic reach is declining is that more content is being posted, and shared across the internet. The increase in content limits how much people can view per day. Facebook also keeps changing their algorithm. One example is Facebook currently places an emphasis on video. That means videos generally are shown before other types of posts.

How Can I Increase My Organic Reach?

Producing great content that entices people to share, comment, or like is one of the best ways to increase organic reach. Each time someone shares, likes, or comments on your posts your organic reach is increased.

How Can I Increase My Paid Reach?

The only way to increase your paid reach is paying Facebook to boost your posts. Here is a blog article about saving money on paid Facebook reach.