Three Tips That Will Help Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

  1. Quality Content Trumps Everything – Quality content that targets your desired keywords will do more for your search engine rankings than any other SEO optimization.
  2. Description Meta Tags – The description meta tag is basically your sales pitch for that particular page. This meta tag is a snippet of code that goes in the head section of your website.
  3. New Content – A website that posts new content on a consistent basis will rank much higher than a website that has not been updated in years.

SEO: Choosing Your Targeted Keywords

The keywords you choose to include in your content can either turn your website into a lead generating machine or a website that can’t be found.

It takes much more work, and money to compete with the most popular search terms. Downing Media likes to include long tail keywords, or phrases in the page content. Long tail keywords are phrases that includes your main keyword. Continue reading…

Preparing your E-Commerce Store For Christmas

Christmas is months away, but the now is the time to prepare for the upcoming online Christmas shopping season. If you don‚Äôt have an e-commerce solution, now is the time to contact Downing Media. If you already have an online store ask yourself the following questions. Continue reading…