Mentor Business News

Since we moved our office to Mentor Ohio we decided now is the time to create a new website called, Mentor Business News.¬† The website will post information about local companies. Every month a video featuring a different company will be featured on the homepage. Continue reading…

Does Your Website Have A Blog?

Blogs are great for search engine optimization and they also keep visitors on your site longer. The longer you keep the visitor on your site, the longer you have to pitch your products or services. Continue reading…

Three Tips That Will Help Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

  1. Quality Content Trumps Everything – Quality content that targets your desired keywords will do more for your search engine rankings than any other SEO optimization.
  2. Description Meta Tags – The description meta tag is basically your sales pitch for that particular page. This meta tag is a snippet of code that goes in the head section of your website.
  3. New Content – A website that posts new content on a consistent basis will rank much higher than a website that has not been updated in years.