It’s important to understand what your search engine optimization company is telling you. Here are 5 important terms that will get you off to a great start.

ALT Text/Tag or Attribute is the description of an image in the HTML code that allows search engines to read the description of the image. Unless the image does not load properly, this description is not directly visible on the website. It’s important to add ALT text to images.

Canonical URL is the best available URL where a user can find a specific webpage. A canonical URL is helpful when the same page content can be accessed at more than one URL.

Inbound Links link content from an outside website to your website. It’s important to grow inbound links from other websites that have a higher PageRank than your website.

Internal Links link from one page to another on the same website. Example: Your homepage links to your product page.

Long Tail Keywords are typically two or more words in the phrase that people use to search for a website or business. Long tail keywords are very important these days, because people are using voice search more than ever. Voice searches tend to have more words then searches that are manually typed. In many cases, it’s easier to rank for long tail keywords than a single term.